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Our company is from China. At the time of its creation, sleep was perceived very differently by the Chinese. They were used to sleeping on hard, poor quality beds with no body support. We entered the market with our memory foams when people didn’t necessarily understand the benefits of a good mattress and what sleep did to their productivity. We had before us a tough battle to wage against the cultural preconceptions of an entire industry.

So the slogan “redefine sleep” was born, because we were determined to change a culture and perception of sleep. We decided to educate the Chinese people and present them with a product that would change their expectations of the bed and the way they sleep.

Our mission is simple:
Create a bed that really improves your lifestyle and therefore your health. Our sleep scientists work tirelessly to ensure our mattresses exceed the highest standard of performance, and this is reflected in our partnership with Manchester United. We understand that in this sector, as with shoes, one size is not enough; this is why we manufacture a range of products that adapts to all body types.

We will not stop our research, we will continue to evolve and improve to create the most cutting edge mattress on the market, because we know better sleep means better life. We’re here to help make your dreams come true, literally and figuratively.


Pomi Khan Dir. General, Mlily

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