Top tips for choosing the right bed and mattress


On average, we spend a third of our life sleeping – and sleep is vital for our physical and mental health, invigorating us before the start of each day.

This interesting fact therefore makes it crucial that we have the right bed and the right mattress to be comfortable and have a good night’s sleep. An average mattress lasts 8 years before needing to be replaced; a telltale sign is that you feel pain when you wake up, that the bed is sagging or the mattress has bumps…. Then it’s time to buy a new bed!

Each of us is different in terms of figure, height and weight. This is why you should “try before you buy” a new bed and a new mattress; and the best way to do it is to seek advice from the experts – the Furniture Palace.

We’ve been selling beds for decades, which is why we like to think we know what makes a good bed and a good mattress.

What are our top three tips?

1. Choose the bed model you like. There are a wide variety of bed frames available, choose the one that suits your room and your taste.

2. Think about the mattress material and construction; what kind of support do you need, what firmness of the bed you prefer, etc.

3. Test the bed … visit our store and spend some time lying on the bed to see how you feel. It is certain that nothing can replace trying a bed before purchase.

André Renault is one of our big brands, which has been making beds for 60 years. If you need storage space, Renault offers perfectly equipped beds for storing blankets, pillows and cushions. Their ingenious beds also come with a variety of options, including discreet lighting solutions. The company strives to find the balance between quality and aesthetics, using the best textiles, materials and technologies.

In store we have a full selection of brands – Tempur , Renault and many more. We can provide you with expert advice and also offer an in-home service option. Please call 06 81 90 64 03 for more information.

Historical brand of furniture in Périgueux, we offer a wide choice of designer furniture to help you reveal all the decoration potential of your home.

Come and discover our selection among the biggest brands at 15 rue Gambetta in Périgueux and do not hesitate to consult our website

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