French furniture manufacturer, A family requirement since 1860: Both publisher, manufacturer and distributor, they are proud to offer their furniture and seats “Made in France”.​
Born from space and perfected for sleep, is the only mattress and pillow brand recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.​
Leolux has been following the path of evolution for almost 8 decades. Innovation and constant growth, stable but with a specific goal. “Zuid-Nederlandse Clubmeubel-fabriek” was founded in 1934.​
A specialist in comfortable bedding for over 60 years, André Renault is one of the key players in the bedding market and the French leader in relaxation bedding.
The Artcopi company is a family business founded in 1973 in Cholet, near Nantes and the Vendée countryside, specializing in the design and manufacture of high-end traditional furniture.​
For 40 years, Conform has been manufacturing Scandinavian design armchairs in Sweden, in Holsbybrunn. The innovative Swedish company develops designer relax armchairs combining aesthetics and comfort.​
Their concept of à la carte chairs provides the practically infinite possibility of adapting the chairs to any size, wood or metal finish and covering requirements, allowing infinite customization.​
In 1975, Vincenzo Arena, a skilled upholsterer from Forlì, founded AERRE ITALIA in his city, Forlì, which has always been a very important hub for national upholstered furniture.​
The Bastiat factory was created in 1964 by Marcelle and Joseph Bastiat. Children of Hagetmau, they met at the end of the 1950s at the Capdevielle factory.​
Cinna French publisher and manufacturer of high-end contemporary furniture. Decorative accessories and exceptional designer furnishings.
The Diva brand is a precursor and owner of Rapido technology, the only registered and recognized name in the world of Convertibles.
Fama started in 1972 with three employees. 50 years later, the company employs more than 265 people and has become one of the most technologically advanced sofa manufacturers in the world.​
Created in 1965, this family business is today one of the largest French sofa manufacturers. In 1997, the sons of the founder of the company specialized in the manufacture of interior furniture.​
The company M.F. International was founded in 1974, thanks to the passion and will of Fabrizio Mantellassi, who designs his products himself.​